Vodafone launch 7.2Mbps, HSUPA, USB Modem and ExpressCards!

Vodafone have announced that they’re going to upgrade their HSDPA network to support download speeds of 7.2Mbps and upload speeds of 1.4Mbps (via HSUPA). They’re expecting to upgrade the network in central London and a number of UK airports by the end of October, offering the fastest mobile broadband service in the UK.

In order to use their new high speed network, you’ll need to get your mits on one of the three new devices that they’ve launched - here’s some secret snaps for you:

USB Modem


This is a Vodafone branded Huawei E270 USB modem

Huawei ExpressCard


This is a Voda-ised Huawei E870 ExpressCard - the long overdue form factor that’s been missing from Vodafone’s portfolio. This is great news for all MacBook Pro and ultra-portable laptop owners who’s been itching for a card for their ExpressCard slot. This one features the Mobile Connect Lite software on-board - as per the original USB Modem. This means you can plug in the ExpressCard, and just click to connect - no software installation or CDs required.

Option ExpressCard


This card is a re-branded Option Etna, which has the same spec as the Huawei card, but without Mobile Connect Lite - so you’ll need to install the software from the CD. This device has been launched for corporate customers where IT policy (admin rights, locked down usb ports) prevents the Lite software from working. Both ExpressCards come with a PC Card / / PCMCIA adaptor allowing you to use them with older laptops.

All devices have a similar spec - they’re all 7.2Mbps/HSUPA devices, plus they’re all tri-band 3G - the first ever devices of their kind. This means that they’ll work on Cingular’s 3G network in the USA, plus with Voda’s new pricing you pay £8.50 for 24 hours of access - cheaper and easier than hunting down a WiFi hotspot when US-bound. These devices also feature advanced receivers - so they’ve got two antennas (receive diversity) and software enhancements (equaliser) to improve the speed of the device in all conditions. Here’s a previous blog post on advanced receivers.

Full details on devices available here.

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  2. ethan hunt Says:


    i have the option expresscard and one macbook pro with leopard, it’s posible install in my computer.


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