Mobile Connect Lite V3

The Mobile Connect Lite software is used by the ‘plug and go’ devices and is a cut-down version of the full V9 dashboard designed to run from the flash memory contained on the devices. This latest upgrade offers a number of stability improvements, especially for Windows 2000 users.

Supported devices and operating systems

Windows 2000

Windows XP

Windows Vista 32 bit

Windows Vista 64 bit

USB Modem





USB Modem 7.2





ExpressCard (plug and go)





*USB modems purchased before June 2007 may require a firmware update before they can be used with Windows Vista

Download for USB Modem 7.2 and ExpressCard
(Huawei E270 / E272 / E870)
Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite V3.0.3.112
(File size: 26MB)

Download for USB Modem
(Huawei E220)
Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite E220 V3.0.3.112

(File size: 26MB)

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  1. Mobile Connected » Blog Archive » USB Modem / Huawei E220 on Vista. Take 3. Says:

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  2. Jo Says:

    Have downloaded the….…..update, but connection NO faster. REALLY upset, as speed was fine with previous laptop, which also ran Vista.

    Anyone got any ideas?
    I could put up with the speed between pages, but it tok 2 and a half HOURS to download one song, and YouTube is totally unusable.

    PLEASE can someone help?

    (Total ‘puter novice!lol)

  3. fatcat Says:

    What colour’s the light on the modem? If it’s green then you’re in GPRS coverage and it’s going to crawl… it needs to be light blue for broadband.

  4. Jo Says:

    It’s green…I know I only hav ‘2g’ coverage, but, like I say, it was still REALLY fast with my original computer, so I can’t understand why it is s slow with my current one. I could CRY!

  5. Jo Says:

    Tried to downlad the Dashboard thingy-me from here, too. It said it would take over 10 hors, then, after about 2 it said is couldn’t do it, for some reason?
    I would really appreciaate any help with this….

  6. Tghu Says:

    This is not directly helpful with regards the issues here, but I have had no end of problems with Voda’s USB E220 3G modem. Tried it on two ASUS laptops with Win XP/SP2 and it flat out did not work on one, and was flaky (charitable description really) on the other. At over £50/month for dead air it was just unacceptable.

    Eventually a nice - and knowledgeable…he knew what TCP/IP actually was for example - gave me a 70-odd MByte app that was heaps better than the VMCLite software. I also had to disable the device in Windows so it was not being recognised as a Driver so Windows did not try and autostart the onboard VMC app when you plugged it in (downside, it was then tied to one USB port and if you plugged it into another you had to find the device at the VMC hardware level again. A total pain when you are using it with a laptop and using the device to demonstrate software).

    When I bought a new computer with Vista the bigger VMC app worked so long as I installed it in ‘XP Emulation’ mode. It still seemed tied to the USB port, but I got used to that.

    So, make the call to Voda support and demand to be put through the second level help desk and thence an expert in the USB modem. They will do it if you harrass then hard enough. Ask for the mainstream VMC application and instructions on how to enable it and you should be OK.

    Finally, I saw that Voda has recently reduced the tariff to around £30/month (both in response to 3 offering a better rate with the same hardware and because they have the new 7 Mbps USB 3G modem at about £50/month). If are paying the original £50/month rate and you go into a store and ask nicely - and perhaps suggest you’ll defect to 3 - they just might bring you down to the lower rate, even if you are still in your £50 contract period. Worked for me, so good luck to you…

  7. carl Says:

    i have the Voda’s USB E220 3G modem then the light is light bule all the time, still dont get boradband speed. i get about 5-10 kps downloading if i ping a website in cmd it avrage 1500 ms, if im lucky i might get maybe 1-2 hrs good speed per day,tbh for the money i pay it not good… , downloading updates trying to now 3.65kps… going to be here all day. ive tryed, on my pc and laptop but dosent seem to make any diffrence, is any one having the same problem? like geting 1 hr or to good internet per day ?

  8. dave Says:

    I have the Huawei E220 USB Modem on 3`s network, It was working fine with vista, even after vista`s release of SP1 RC1 it was still working no problem, then I defragged my HD and BOOM, gone, “Fail to create RasEntry” was all I could get from it, so I made an XP partition and donwloaded all the new firmare and dashboard doftware for it, installed it and killed the modem even in XP, I was devistated, what was I going to tell 3, they could check the IMEI number and realise the firmware was different and charge me £100 for a new modem, so I flashed it with the Vodafone Firmware, still no luck, back to the one I had originally downloaded, STILL no luck, changed the dashboard, flashed, dashboard, flash, DEAD, couldn`t get it to work at all, then remembered I had backup up the original dashboard software and installed that along with the new one and POP it came back to life, I don`t understand what happened but all I can see is that the firmware update was working the whole time, but the dashboard was the wrong one.

  9. A Hanley Says:

    To cut a long story short I discovered that my E220 modem was faulty ( at least that what Vodafone said ) and after two days of pestering them I got one month subs credited to me and a new E220 for €49 ( basically free ).

    Woohoo , new dashboard , 3G+ signal most of the time and speeds that make it worthwhile using at last.

    Alas my happiness was short lived. Now its stops every two hours and to get it going again I have to close VMCLite, unplug the modem, close windows down (restart will not do it) and then when Vista is ready plug it back in again. Cannot find any reason why this should happen.

    Any ideas anyone?

  10. Henry Says:

    New mobile connect V3 upgrade available as well as firmware upgrade higher than version Thought you guys should know.


  11. gamble Says:

    hi i just wanted to know why a modem would make a noise when connected to the internet

  12. Jason Says:

    my vodafone mobile connect lite modem keeps disconnecting ifself sporadically. If you click back on the conect button an error message comes up.
    I find that if I open the Task Manager window and close the application manually, unplug the modem them reconnct again, it usually restarts OK and reconnects.
    Bloody frustrating. James Bond doesn’t have this trouble.
    Any suggestions? (with the modem, not the vodka martinis)

  13. Ali Says:

    does anyone know how to know the exact amount of download remained (not view usage) cause it will restart from the begining whenever u format ur laptop or even uninstall & reinstall the program

  14. Jamie Says:

    Jason, I got that behaviour when the Usage settings in VMC Lite were set too low - it’s like an auto-disconnect to stop you exceeding your monthly usage. Go into ‘View Usage’ and set the figure to be higher. (I think 50Mb is the default the software sets it to, 5Gb would be more like it dpending on your subscription)

  15. Mr G Says:


    Have a work laptop that I would like to use the E272 with but I don’t have admin rights to let it install the software.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to work around this?



  16. ronalds Says:

    Ali, I have the same problem. Have no idea why, but it started after I installed other Huawei (but not Vodafone) modem…

    But I still try to uderstand how to get this “disconnecting” off.

  17. Carl Says:

    For all my comrades in Vodafone retail I thank you for this site. It is of great value for installing/fixing 3g data devices and we all wish our parent company would learn from the clear and consise approach to our modems shown here.

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