Mobile Connect Lite V3.2.2.182

The Mobile Connect Lite software is used by the ‘plug and go’ devices and is a cut-down version of the full V9 dashboard designed to run from the flash memory contained on the devices.  This release adds support for new devices (the USB Modem Stick / E172) and fixes a few issues with 2G/3G handover and sending SMS.

Download for USB Modem 7.2, USB Modem Stick and ExpressCard
(Huawei E270 / E272 / E172 / E870)
Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite V3.2.2.182
(File size: 17MB)

Download for USB Modem
(Huawei E220)
Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite E220 V3.2.2.182

(File size: 17MB)

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2 Responses to “Mobile Connect Lite V3.2.2.182”

  1. knacki Says:


    thx for digging this one out. Is there an even newer version?

    Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite V3.2.2.182 tends to hang on shutdown on Vista 64 SP1…

  2. Tarek Says:


    I have a problem with VMClite, i shows the Connect botton dimmed when working wiht Vodafone Egypt Sim card at Egypt, while if use the Moroccan Midetel sim card, it shows only another operator’s connection which is only 2G.!!
    could you help me ??

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