Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) support

Here’s a statement from Vodafone regarding Leopard support for data cards and USB modems:

Leopard is not currently supported by Vodafone Mobile Connect for Mac. A version to support OS X 10.5 is in development and should be available by mid-November 2007.
Note: You may experience difficulties using Vodafone Mobile Connect Cards and USB modems with the software included in Leopard. These difficulties will be resolved with the new Leopard-compatible version of Vodafone Mobile Connect.

Update: see this post for the latest Leopard update. 

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  1. Jose Leon Says:

    Do you know when will be possible to get an update to connect the vodafone usb modem in Leopard?, it would be great to new mac users.

  2. SAM Says:

    It is interesting that Leopard only has a problem the second time you run the software. Activation hangs the second time around, and for me causes my keyboard to stop responding intermittently. Having tracked this through it appears to be caused by a change in the final Leopard Release which stops relative executable paths from working with suid executables. The good news is that following running this command:

    install_name_tool -change @executable_path/../Frameworks/NMNetCoreMobile.fra mework/Versions/A/NMNetCoreMobile /Applications/Vodafone\ Mobile\ Connect/Vo dafone\ Mobile\\ Mobile\ Co Mobile /Applications/Vodafone\ Mobile\ Connect/Vodafone\ Mobile\ /Contents/Resources/Specific/Vodafone\ Mobile\ dafone\ Mobile\ Connect

    Everything works fine

  3. caspar ter horst Says:

    Sam this command run where ?

  4. SAM Says:

    In terminal as root.

    or put an sudo on the start of it.

  5. Caspar ter Horst Says:

    Hi Sam thanks for that. I tried yesterday just copy paste your line in terminal but that gave an error so I need to do in terminal

    sudo {ctrl-v your command] ?

    I’m not familiar with terminal

    Thanks for your advise much appreciated


  6. Jose Leon Says:

    Thanks a lot Sam,
    I am going to buy a new mac and I am interested in that command but can you post it again more clearly?


  7. Si Says:


    Leopard version been released yet?


  8. John Says:

    Still “Vodafone Mobile Connect for the Apple Mac – Latest software version″ … Maybe the Next update will work!

  9. sam Says:

    Well the good news is that I have figured out that the keyboard problems reported as being related to the Vodafone software were in fact not related. These seemed to be widely reported as a problem in Leopard. The even better news is that they have been fixed by 10.5.1. So I now have a fully working Vodafone Connect on 10.5 and on 10.5.1. The only problem with the software appears to be they way that the Vodafone mobile connect binary gets it’s permissions. Given that I managed to fix this in about 20 minutes it is a little annoying that Vodafone have still not released an updated version yet. I spent longer on the phone logging the call with Vodafone than it actually took to fix the problem. It does question just how serious Vodafone are about supporting Mac users.

  10. Mo Says:

    My Huawei E200 worked fine after the Leopard upgrade, but then packed up after moving from 10.5 to 10.5.1 - although it worked again following a reinstall.

  11. stuart miles Says:

    The usb modem does work with leopard, you just don’t need to run the vodafone software every time else as reported it will hang. Simply go to the phone icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen and then select the modem - it will automatically connect.

  12. Sean Says:

    Appears you can get VMC v2.08.01.00 from here:

  13. John Says:

    Tried VMC v2.08.01.00 still can’t get it to work … doesn’t hang just doesn’t install…. and can’t see a phone icon in the menu bar, before, after or during the install. So still waiting on Vodafone … I will probley send the thing back! Thanks for all your help and advice.

  14. JoseLeon Says:

    It seems that Huawei works for some people and not for others.

    Sam, please explain us what you did to make it work.

    Stuart, so does it work for you well?, can you give us the steps to new mac users?

    Thanks to all

  15. JoseLeon Says:

    John: where did you find that driver if vodafone has not finished yet?, is it safe to install?

  16. John Says:

    Jose: I downloaded the v2.08.01.00 software/driver from (see Sean’s msg 12) … It did not seem to cause any problems just didn’t work .. so I uninstalled it again.

  17. JoseLeon Says:

    Thanks John, my new macbook pro will arrive soon and I need my vodafone usb modem to work in my job with this computer.

    Maybe Sam or Stuart could give us an explanation to make this modem work in Leopard without problems.

  18. JoseLeon Says:

    There is a new version in Vodafone German website:

  19. John Says:

    Just got mine working .. sort off. Install the software v2.08.01.00, go to System Preferences, Network, you should see the modem there … manually connect and tick ‘Show Modem status in bar’ …

  20. Jan Says:

    I am using an old version (2.06.05) of the driver under Leopard and it is working just as good or bad as it did under Tiger. It’s still a lousy piece of software though…

  21. JoseLeon Says:

    Hello John,
    did you install the driver from this webpage in German language or did you get the driver in another language?


  22. John Says:

    Jose: The German site … and its still working really well!

  23. Neil Says:

    I downloaded the German one, its dated October, so is not new. Does nothing different to the UK published one.

    Just want to check mine does the same as others:

    Modem not seen in network Prefs list
    Vodafone software just bounces in dock but never starts

  24. JoseLeon Says:

    Thanks John,
    the problem is the German language, I don´t know it at all lol

    Is it possible with that driver to be installed in other languages?

  25. John Says:

    Jose: If you can find your way though to download it … the program is it English! (I can’t do German either but I found my way)

  26. Wade Laube Says:

    I am running the Vodafone ExpressCard fine under Leopard. Well, it’s fine in so far as the problems I have the the same as under 10.4, and the device still connects.

    I don’t use the Vodafone software, I use the phone menu so that negates the need for that shoddy Vodafone application.

    However there are two problems I have, and I’d like to know if anyone else is experiencing them.

    1. If the machine (a MacBook Pro) sleeps while the card is in the ExpressCard slot, the card is no longer recognisable by the computer until I reboot it. This happens whether there is a session open or not.


    2. When I roam into a 2G area (green light) my trackpad stops working properly. It has bouts of almost total unresponsiveness, and works in stints.

    Apple says it’s Vodafone, and Vodafone says wait for the update. I think they’re giving me the run around and the card is probably a dudd.

    What do you think?

  27. fatcat Says:

    Hey Wade,

    1 - yes, same problem here. However, I’ve also had the same problem with other ExpressCards, not just HSDPA cards - google it and you’ll see there seems to be a general issue with ExpressCards and sleepy macbooks… I know Voda are aware of the issue…

    2 - I believe that the first generation of MacBook Pro’s had poor RF shielding properties, which means when the card moves to 2G at 900Mhz, the machine can crash or behave irrationally, which sounds like what you’re experiencing here. Just waiting on confirmation for this - will let you know when I hear more.


  28. Ben Says:

    I’ve got the HUAWEI E220 working on my leopard (10.5.1) mac following some great instructions here.

    I downloaded new drivers from

    then followed the instructions on the page above, which for reference are (changing T-mobile to Vodafone and using dialing number #99***1# and name/password ‘web’ and ‘web’:
    I went to SystemPreferences–>Network–>Location –>Edit Locations

    click the +

    I added HSDPA as my location name.

    Then I chose add configuration

    I called it ‘T-Mobile’

    I used *99# as the telephone number
    my provider does not require me to use a username and password so I left that blank.

    I checked ’show modem status in menubar’

    Then click Advanced.

    click the modem tab

    Model: Huawi Mobile Connect

    I have enabled error correction checked

    Dial mode ‘ignore dial when dialing’
    Then click the PPP tab

    uncheck ’send PPP echopackets’
    Then click ok
    then Apply

    Now to engage the connection I plug in the usb modem wait for the green or blue light to flash.

  29. Wade Laube Says:

    Hi Fatcat.

    Thanks for your advice. Appreciate it. Let me know if you hear anything.

  30. robert Says:

    Got mine working on a intel macbook pro running 10.5.1

    Get the drivers here for leopard, using it and it works fine. See notes on site.

    Launch the Mobile connect app, see that it pics up the Huawei modem but do not activate … I found that if you activate the spinning beach ball of death appears … hit connect.

  31. Andriel Says:


    My vodafone mobile connect makes out the following:
    When I push the connect button it freezes down and I can only force quit the application, but still after this, I can connect my computer to the internet, BUT for some reason the vodafone application still stays in the system and makes the macbook’s CPU run on 50%! And of course the fan starts and keeps going until I force quit the application in the Activity Monitor.

  32. Neil Says:

    Still cant get the e270 working. come on Vodafone you promised mid November

  33. Neil Says:

    Vodafone have just told me that they can’t get the software to work with Leopard.

    They are having difficulties and will not release until they get it right.

    Now not expected for another few weeks.

    They have offered to cancel my contract and take the e270 back.

  34. JoseLeon Says:

    My connection with the vodafone usb modem is working like a clock in Lepard, pefectly during many days:

    1.- Delete all that you have downloaded before. Don´t connect your vodafone usb modem yet.

    2.- Download this driver:

    3.- Install the driver (not the application MobileConnect) and reboot your computer.

    – Now we have 2 options: connectint without a PIN or with a PIN –

    4.- If your vodafone usb driver doesn´t need a PIN that´s all, don´t install the vodafone driver because you have got a process running yet to connect

    4.- If you are connecting without a PIN then connect your vodafone usb modem now and wait about 10-20 seconds, then go to Network Preferences and you will see a new device called “Huawei Mobile”, if you can not see it reboot again your computer and test it again (unplug the moden and plug it after the reboot).
    Then click on “Advance” and choose “Samsung” and “GPRS/3G”, type your access point (in Spain is, if you don´t know what´s your access point you can ask it to vodafone or find it connecting with Windows operative system before.
    In the number type: *99# and the user and password that vodafone gave you to connect. Apply to save these changes and now you can test your connection :)

    5.- If you are connecting with a PIN then you also need to make the same steps above but you also need to use the application in the driver called: “MobileConnect” (remember: only if you need to type your PIN). So click on this application, type your PIN and in some few seconds this application will find your modem and you will see a connect button. Click and you will be connected. Minimize this application and that´s all.

    I hope this helps.

  35. Neil Says:

    Which modem? e220 or e270?

    I have the e270 and can’t even get it to come up in the list. Computer does not even see the modem. Its going back.

  36. JoseLeon Says:

    Sorry Neil, It was e220

  37. Peter Hanna Says:

    Any news of the driver for the Vodafone Data card on a Mac runing Leopard

  38. lee Says:

    I am trying to get on-line with the E220/ vodafone USB modem… Have tried to follow Jose Leon’s instructions but when i download the driver (E220-MACHOSTB022D04SP00C03) all I get is QT mpeg - is the correct app for this driver?

  39. john williams Says:

    Hmmm. It’s now mid-December or by my maths a month later than we were told in the statement above. What’s the latest?

  40. JoseLeon Says:

    Hello lee,

    in the driver you must see 3 files:

    first the file that you need to install:

    MacDriver(2.7)-intel.pkg (for intel machines)

    MacDriver(2.7)-power.pkg (for powerpc machines)

    And the third file is the application if you need to type a pin (don´t install this application if your ISP doesn´t ask you for a PIN).

    Perhaps your mac didn´t unzip the downloaded file corectly or try to download it in other moment if that server is not answering well. I never saw a QT mpeg

  41. Neil Says:

    Does anyone know how I can remove all files for Mobile Connect and the modem.

    i want to start again ‘clean’ but seem to have stuff all over the place? I have deleted the app but there seems to be entries in Library and System.. where else?

  42. Neil Says:

    Just spoke to Vodafone again

    Today they informed me they have put this release back to February 08, no guarantee but unlikely before.

  43. JoseLeon Says:

    Hello Neil,
    perhaps with appZapper? That´s what I always use to uninstall a program and all the libraries

  44. Nick Says:

    I called Vodafone today to complain about the lack of drivers for Leopard and the E870 data card. The first person I spoke to didn’t help much, but after insisting on speaking to a supervisor they have agreed to refund my line rental until the new drivers are released….

    I’d rather have working drivers, but I have to admit that a refund is a good second best…I’ll use a T-Mobile E220 via Fusion in the meantime…

  45. Neil Says:

    AppZapper, Thanks

  46. Stuart Little Says:

    Leopard-Firmware for Option USB Modem or expresscard available at Telenor (Sweden):

  47. Drew Sutton Says:

    HI all

    If I may add my experience which worked without any change, albeit I did use the Leopard “Upgrade” as opposed to “Clean Install”.

    I found that by starting the VMC software, allowing it to get to the “Activate” button (where it always stalls), Force Quit the app, then in the Internet connect/modem select area, make sure the Huawei modem is there and click “connect” ….and it works…perfectly well. Though I would like to have teh correct software to be truthful.

  48. RickB Says:

    Might be a little late but VMC v is available at:

    I have not tried it yet, but the site says it works with Leopard

    All the best…

  49. JoseLeon Says:

    Does anyone who was working with the old method deleted the old drivers and made a clean install with the new driver, does it work?.

    I would like to prove it because if I install the new drivers it doesn´t work. I imagine that I must delete the old libraries.

    Neil, did you make it work deleting the old drivers and installing the new ones?

  50. Onil Says:

    with the new security update, the version does not there a new one ?! thanks

  51. nick Says:

    I have posted this in another related thread;
    I have a Vodafone Huawei E870 express card for my MacBook Pro running 10.5.2. I am running the very latest Vodafone Mobile Connect software. I cannot get uploads any quicker than 8 - 11 kbps, even when I am in a 7.2 area. Am I doing something really stupid? Or are these E870 modems a bit on the S*** side? I recently went into the Vodafone shop and tried the new USB stick alongside my E870 and the USB stick was flying at 100+kbps… Why would this be? Are the drivers/firmware different? I am pulling what little hair I have left out trying to figure this one out! Please can someone help me. Warm regards

  52. Onil Says:

    HELP !!! vodafone mobile connect not working !!!!

  53. grhabyt Says:

    Try using the mobile connect installer to uninstall and then reinstall. You will need to re-enter the apn and login info. This fixes it for me, except it hangs about once for every eight hours of use, so I do the uninstall/reinstall every day or so.

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