Huawei E220 - 7.2Mbps firmware update

I’ve just got my mits on the latest firmware for the Huawei E220. This update upgrades the modem to download at speeds up to 7.2Mbps - compared to the standard 3.6Mbps. I’ve just installed it and run a speed test in a 7.2Mbps area and I’m getting average speeds of around 2.5Mbps, peaking at 4.3Mbps (see the NetPerSec screenshot). The lack of receive diversity on the device will prevent it from hitting speeds much higher than this.

E220 7.2Mbps

This firmware isn’t an official release from Vodafone, so don’t expect any support from them… The usual disclaimers apply here - if you want to install the update do so at your own risk…..

Download firmware 11.117.09

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33 Responses to “Huawei E220 - 7.2Mbps firmware update”

  1. Stuart Little Says:

    Can you do the same test with the 7.2 Mbps-update for the Option Express 7.2 Ready?
    Here’s an official Vodafone firmware (Bite):

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  3. CypherHackz Says:

    My modem always disconnected suddenly after I upgraded it. What could be wrong?

  4. CypherHackz Says:

    Can you give the download link to downgrade the firmware?

  5. Bricked! Says:

    I tried this firmware update, but after starting the update the modem registered as being not connected and the process terminated. The modem is no longer recognised as such. Is there a way to recover from this bad flash?

  6. Yin Says:

    Panic over! I uninstalled and then reinstalled Mobile Connect and set up the device again. I ran the 7.2Mbps firmware update (leaving the Forced Download box blank) and it worked.

  7. k3lvinmitnick Says:

    I have a Cnet modem & I use VNPT user. How can I up my speed ?
    I mean how can I use Mobile Connect to up my Speed ? Is that compatiable ?
    (I come from VietNamese)

  8. augy Says:

    can anyone tell me how to unlock my huawei e220?

  9. stenmich Says:

    Hello, i got HUAWEI E220 from VODAFONE ITALY and i did a firmaware upgrade 11.117.09. Now it’s working perfectly and the connection says “7.2Mbit/sec”.
    Thank you very much!!!!

  10. dex_10 Says:

    I did the 7.2Mbps upgrade and it works perfectly! My service provider is Vodacom South Africa.

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  13. jT Says:

    Worked ok on a 3UK e220. Now reports connection at 7.2Mbps although speedtest shows local cell providing 1.3Mbps speed.

  14. xose Says:

    latest, (05.02.2008), and official it’s here:

  15. Noheadphones Says:

    Hi does anyone know if there is a version of this update for mac os x

  16. Lucas Says:

    Great works without problems

  17. joe Says:

    i hope u fix ur problems using these original firmwares

  18. ninu Says:

    what can i do about the ping (lag) ?i wanna play counter strike but i have lag from 150-300?im using 3.6 hsdpa vodafone smart modem

  19. mohammad atif Says:

    thanx my e220 is upgraded and working perfect with 7.2mbps speed.

  20. GR Says:

    I also installed this firmware and working perfectly (without the force option). Also Vodacom South Africa.

  21. David Says:

    Just installed firewire working 100%.. Vodacom Suoth Africa.

  22. adrian Says:

    heeeeelp i have a huawei e220modem and i get around 5 kbs/sec download my service provider is vodafone romania i’m desperate could someone tell me what should i do about it pleeeease thanks

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  24. kam2530 Says:

    i have got a ZTE - MF622 will this firmware upgrade work on it cause i really need this.

  25. miah Says:

    hi, can somebody tell me if this firmware will work on a 3 contract? If i use this upgrade will i be able to have a 7.2mbps speed on my contact or will it not work with contract? if not, does anybody know a 3 upgrade?

  26. vIQtor Says:


    It will work with any providers, but if they find out that it is unlocked then you lose guarantee. This can happen most probably when you tell it to them :)

  27. lapotoh Says:

    it’s really work with and very fast!!!
    thank alot!

  28. lapotoh Says:

    just use this upgrade firmware, it will solve your problem.

    before i upgrade it, my speed also same with you, only 5-10 kbps, now more than 100 kbps.

    i use it in indonesia.

  29. Bagus Dudy Says:

    I have an Huwaei E220 bundled with one GSM operator. It only can used for the operator card. Is there anyone know how to make my modem operate to all GSM operator? If somebody know, please email me at THanks before

  30. tntuof Says:

    Does anybody know where to have the latest firmware mentioned here:
    and what are the diffrences?

  31. tntuof Says:

    Does the latest, (05.02.2008)
    has simlock or anything like that, or is it generic unlocked version?

  32. Elton Says:

    Updated in South Africa Vodacom - It works.

  33. DeepSilence Says:

    The firmware provided it’s working for Romania, too. Just upgraded my E220 modem and it’s working smoothly. Thanks !

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