USB Modem / Huawei E220 on Vista. Take 3.

Hopefully this will be the final update in the Windows Vista saga. We’ve now got an all-in-one updater which will:

  • Update Vista to allow it to see the modem
  • Update the firmware the device to the level required to work on Vista (to version
  • Update the on-board dashboard software (to version

Grab this updater and follow the included instructions.

Once you’ve completed the update, you might want to update the on-board dashboard to the recently released version 3.

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  3. Tim Says:

    I’m trying this ug and it’s running but still isn’t reconizing the modem on my pc so the firmware and dashboard arent’t running.

    Can you help? Also is the vodaphone version of this card locked? or with the right apn setting (and the OEM software) can I use this on other networks? I.e US?

  4. fatcat Says:

    Hey Tim, sorry to hear it’s still not working for you. Do you have access to a Win 2k/XP machine - if so, it might work out easier if you run the upgrades with modem plugged into one of those machines.

    When you buy the E220 from Voda, it is network locked. I’m not too sure if the network lock remains after you re-flash the firmware - I don’t have any non-voda sims to hand so can’t tell you.

  5. Mick Says:

    Folks after 2 hard days trying to get the E220 to work on vista I have solved the problem which I thought I should share the solution withfellow strugglers. After installing the take installation I had a request for APN and then password on another menu which stated it required user name then password and then another further message you must be on a vodaphone net work this was frustrating because I was. I spoke to yes communications in manchester and this is how I solved it. Although I am an administrator on my machine. Do the following and the E220 will work

    1. enter control panel
    2. open user accounts
    3. check to see if you are the administrator
    4. look for the box turn user control on/off
    5. uncheck (uac)user control account)
    6. restart computer reinstall from start
    7. product will now run as it should

  6. fatcat Says:

    Great stuff - thanks for taking the time to post back Mick.

  7. Marselinho Says:

    Hello guyes! I have installed the software corectly and it runs on my system (VISTA) but i still have a problem. I am only allowed to stay online for 2 hours exactly and then i have to restart my machine so it can work again. It shows an error warning that “flag is not set”. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks…

  8. Karen3USB Says:


    I received this link from a frined who knew I was experiencing problems with my modem, however having followed the instructions, I now realise that this is linked to the vodafone USB modem whereas I am using the 3 E220 modem…how can I remove the updates I have added? Thanks

  9. jason Says:


    Is there anybody know how to make the E220 update to 7.2Mbps?


  10. fatcat Says:

    Hi Jason. The hardware platform for the E220 does support 7.2Mbps, however I’ve never seen the appropriate firmware update. One thing to bear in mind is that the E220 doesn’t have advanced receiver technology so even if it did support 7.2, it wouldn’t make much difference - here’s a link to more info:

  11. mat Says:

    I have installed the modem on my laptop (vista) but when i load it up it says data modem invalid? any suggestions?

  12. henrydickson Says:

    Have just received the new firmware update for the E220 - work fantastic!!! Vista & XP


    This allows you to connect at 7.2Mbps.

  13. VladS Says:

    Can anyone supply a link for the E220 update?

  14. Gordon Says:

    Hi henrydickson, any chance you can send me the E220Update_11. files or tell me where i can download it. thanks and kind regards - Gordon

  15. Jaco Says:

    This is all I could find made it will help..


  16. sputniq Says:

    i bought a “3″ usb modem. It’s unlocked, I use it to connect to a network here in my home country. After I downloaded the “E220 update” and ran it, it flashed my modem so it runs a vodafone software instead of the originally 3 software. Now I can’t connect to any other network other than vodafone, anyone can help me?

  17. Aaron Says:


  18. sputniq Says:

    just follow the instructions.

  19. A M Hanley Says:

    Hi all ,

    Same problem as above. 2 hours and then nothing. Have to unplug the modem and restart Vista. Annoying little problem but playing havoc with my poker tourneys !!!!!

  20. Justin Says:

    I have a spare Vodafone E272 modem and I want to use it with my Three Mobile SIM and HSDPA service. Is there any generic software that will allow me to use the E272 with Three?

  21. CypherHackz Says:

    How to know what firmware version that we have? And if I want to download the latest firmware, which file should I download? There are 4 files on the download page. Can you please tell me which one? Thank you.

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  23. tim Says:

    Hi firstly thanks for posting this stuff I finally got my modem working on Vista/Sony Vaio after four months! Vodafone don’t seem to understand why I might be slightly cross that I have been paying for a service that I con’t use! Never the less it does work, Thank you.

  24. Marj Says:

    Hi, i just bought the vodafone e220 and having massive problems with my laptop on vista, for some reason it comes up installing drivers then as soon as that happens it comes up device unplugged, but the device is still shown in the remove hardware icon at the clock area. i tried it on an xp maching and no problem. really fed up can anyone help me?

  25. Juan Says:

    Where would I be able to change the apn settings on the vodafone E272?

  26. Warren Says:

    Hi, recently got a new laptop with vist installed. I have updated the firmware and software. Each time the application starts i get the following error code “Ras error code 633″. For the life of me I can not find the the conflict on my system. Has anyone experienced the same problem and what solutions have worked. Installing/reinstalling the modem and application have failed, there is also no other dashboard running.

  27. Sheila Says:

    Just to say the Man is a genius at the top of this page.
    Big Thanx
    Have spent hours on this and on the phone to Voda. Followed all instructions to the letter and all to no avail until now…………..
    Your software patch took off like a rocker and solved all.
    Much appreciation x

  28. matvej Says:

    i would like to convert my contract to pay as you talk!!!

    now i pay 30£/month.

    can you help me ???


  29. Dave Says:

    I have Vista SP1, first install of the Huawei E220 on 3 network goes fine, shutdown the PC and restart and Bang! No 3 connection, cant make a new one, modem is in device manager, can open the mobile software and register on 3 but cannot connect, nothing solves the problem other than a format and reinstall of windows. 2 Different PC`s same problem. Having to network an XP pc and ICS to my Vista one. Any Ideas ?

  30. John Says:

    I Have Vista Ultimate SP1, if installed norton ghost 14, huawei e220 can’t connect???
    I very confused
    someone can help me???

  31. edward russell Says:

    how can i set it to mobile connect settings

  32. roger p Says:

    For those with the ‘data modem invalid’ error, I found a solution that works for me that I hadn’t seen elsewhere, posted at

  33. Red Says:

    Hi.. I installed the above… now vista doesn’t even see it as a drive (which it did before)

    I had an error message as the last thing i saw on the installation… now I can’t see the device at all….

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