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Vodafone lowers price of mobile broadband

Vodafone have just announced that they’re lowering the price of mobile broadband.
They’re introducing a new price plan for consumers, offering 3GB of data for £15 per month, with overage charged at £15 per GB - almost a tenth of the price of Three, who are currently charging £102 per GB for overage.
They’ve also increased the […]

Posted by fatcat on January 31st, 2008

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the voip debate

Just seen some posts on the internet about Vodafone’s policy on VoIP - e.g. Skype, iChat, etc. With Vodafone, you can use VoIP on the ‘Mobile Broadband’ price plans - i.e. those designed for laptops, but not the ‘Mobile Internet’ price plans - those designed for handsets.

Posted by fatcat on August 1st, 2007

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Vodafone (re)launch 24 hour price plans

After last months false start, Vodafone have launched their 24 hour price plans. Just a reminder, there’s two price plans that have launched:
Mobile Broadband - £25/m for UK access, then £8.50 per 24 hours when abroad in Europe, US, Japan, Australia and New Zealand
Mobile Broadband 24 - No monthly charge, £8.50 per 24 hours […]

Posted by fatcat on August 1st, 2007

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Vodafone slash mobile broadband data card pricing

Vodafone have today announced new pricing for mobile broadband - they’re simplifying their data card / usb modem tariffs and cutting the cost of unlimited access from £45/m down to just £25/m.
On July 2nd they’ll be launching three new tariffs:

Mobile Broadband 24 - no monthly charge, but £8.50 for 24h of access - pitching itself […]

Posted by fatcat on June 17th, 2007

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