Apple Mac users - device choices

Following on from a debate over at PC Pro, here’s a list with the connectivity options for all you Apple Mac users out there:

PowerBook 15″/17″
PC card slot, can use the ExpressCards with the supplied adaptor, or a USB modem

PowerBook 12″, iBook, MacBook
No slot, so the USB modem must be used

MacBook Pro
Either ExpressCard or USB modem

Desktop machines
USB modem

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6 Responses to “Apple Mac users - device choices”

  1. Beppe Says:

    Hi thank’s for your blog… fantastic…
    I’m an italian mac user who uses an Option GE0201 (Globetrotter) bought from an italian Vodafone Shop’s.
    I use Vodafone MC 2.06.05… all’s ok!
    Yesterday i installed Leopard and… my card doesn’t work … :(
    Can you help me?
    Sorry for big OT….. :)

  2. fatcat Says:

    Have you tried 2.07.05 -

    Failing that, VF will release an official Leopard client in the next couple of weeks.

  3. Beppe Says:

    Thank’s… i will try this evening, when i come back home..
    I found that an option sw starts when i insert my connect card… but it’s not able to find my italian carrier….
    Thank’s again…
    update tomorrow.

  4. Beppe Says:

    sorry for my veeery bad english :)

  5. Beppe Says:

    Nothing to do… :(
    Vodafone Italy doesnt’know anything about MacOSX :(

  6. Beppe Says:

    Apple tells me that “no need other Sw”… but i dont find connection parameters for Vodafone Italy.


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